Group S’s new song which they performed last night at Shanghai on SMTown concert

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One day, Baby Bird asked Daddy Bird, “Daddy! I want a GIRAFFE.”


"Go tell your Mom." said Daddy Bird (ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)


So during dinner time, Baby Bird told Mommy Bird his request..


"I think we should give Baby Bird his request", said Mommy Bird.


"Baby Bird, it’s a GOOD NEWS.",…

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The Eric met in real life is different from the man seen in the media. He was very careful, and hence looked serious, and occasionally, even looked to be shy. TV dramas have portrayed Eric as a man who would say cheesy lines like “Do you smell something burning? My heart is…

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  • Minwoo: There was one fan who was still in her school uniform. She called me 'oppa' and gave me a letter. I was so happy considering we're technically old enough to be her uncle.
  • Hyesung: You liked it that much? Her calling you 'oppa'?
  • Minwoo: Of course. I was so happy that I put on the bracelet she gave me right away.
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