DATES TO NOTE FOR SEPTEMBER 2014: Orange Princesses Meeting on Tinychat



Because I was deemed too evil to make everyone wait for an entire month =P

6 September KST 10pm (Saturday)

14 September KST 10am (Sunday)

20 September KST 10pm (Saturday)

28 September KST 10am (Sunday)

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[News] Articles on Shinhwa renewing contract with Chicken Mania (2 articles)


※ Article 1.

Shinhwa renews its modeling contract with Chicken Mania ‘for three years straight’

Shinhwa will continue to act as the face of Chicken Mania. The group first signed its contract with Chicken Mania in 2012, and following the renewal of its contract last year, again renewed its contract this year, letting this year mark the group and brand’s second contract renewal and third year together.

Chicken Mania revealed that it renewed its contract with the group as Shinhwa’s healthy and bright image fits the brand well, and it believes Shinhwa will continue to positively affect awareness of the brand and sales thanks to its great fanbase both inside and outside Korea.

Such benefits were evidenced when the Shinhwa calendar that Chicken Mania released in 2012 and 2013 sold out earlier than scheduled, leading the company to print additional copies. This incident played a part in spreading awareness of the brand.

Sales also doubled in days surrounding Shinhwa’s concerts as Chinese fans who entered the country to see the concerts visited Chicken Mania branches near various tourist sites.

Chicken Mania plans to again advertise its brand actively in 2015 with Shinhwa. An official from Chicken Mania said, “A shoot for a new ad and 2015 calendar photos will soon take place privately, and we expect the calendars to again draw great attention from Shinhwa fans at the end of the year.”

Scenes from the upcoming shoot showing the Shinhwa members as their natural selves will be released through Chicken Mania’s official blog soon.

Source: Enews Today

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Shinhwa’s Love letters? O.o


Because idols do so much, it’s funny when you find random things like this. I also have to say that I’m surprised that soompi was founded in 1998. I always thought it was founded earlier because the founder was a fan of H.O.T.

About this article, I peg it as being published in 98 although the site doesn’t show exactly which magazine it is from. Seeing all the lingo in this fan translation makes me smile :)

Thinking about it now… do magazines aimed at teens still exist in the age of the internet?

Click below to read the article (cr:


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